ACN Or Legal Shield – Which Is The Most Likely To Lead You To Network Marketing Success?

ACN and LegalShield (Pre-Paid Legal) would easily fit into a Blue’s Clues song “one of these things is not like the other” since they are two completely different products but they do have a couple of things in common:

They are both successful network marketing companies
They are not wellness and nutrition companies, which make up a huge part of the MLM industry

Who Are ACN And LegalShield (Pre-Paid Legal)?

ACN, or American Communications Network, bills itself as world’s largest direct seller of telecommunications and essential services for home and business. ACN has been around for 18 years, which makes it a mature network marketing company and operates in 23 countries in North America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific.

As one of the first companies in the United States organized solely to design, underwrite and market legal expense plans to consumers, LegalShield (formerly Pre-Paid Legal) has been in business for nearly 40 years and now provides legal services to over 1.4 million families across the U.S. and Canada. For one low monthly fee these legal expense plans, or memberships, offer a variety of legal services in a way similar to medical reimbursement plans or HMOs.

Both ACN and LegalShield/Pre-Paid Legal have solid histories and offer potential to any person who wants to earn money as a network marketer.

ACN distributors would have the luxury of approaching prospects about services they “already use” like digital phone, internet, long distance, wireless, television, home security and home automation. In a world growing more technical, and dependent on digital communication and entertainment, this is an expanding market.

LegalShield/Pre-Paid Legal distributors can offer a much-needed preventive service since most people cringe at the thought of engaging an attorney and the cost involved. There are a number of unlimited services, like calling an attorney with questions, and valuable free services like will preparation.

Both companies run on a sound business model with proven compensation plans. Both have been around long enough to prove that they are well-run and profitable companies.

Which Company Is The One For Me?

It comes down to personal choice. Do you get more excited about technology or helping people protect their assets? Your choice may be a simple as your impression of your sponsor or up-line or the resources offered to help you grow your business.

One thing is for certain, your friends and family won’t keep you busy for very long and probably won’t allow you to grow your business to the point it makes any real money for you. For that, you need to leverage the internet and master lead generation.

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What Is LegalShield and Why Should I Care?

The need for legal services usually crops up unexpectedly. When this happens, there is a need to have the best advice and representation so that you build a strong defense. The services of legal experts are therefore very important to every individual. Hence it is important to understand the opportunities you might use up in securing your legal rights. The idea of Legalshield comes to the minds of many. It is important to understand what Legalshield is for everyone who wants to take a proactive approach to legal issues that may concern them.

Legalshield is a plan that seeks to have you gain access to legal services whenever you may need them. It is a service that comes in with the condition of pre-payment so that you do not have to worry about the cost of legal help when the need arises. This is a private company in the United States that tailors various legal products that are then availed to consumers. It covers both individuals and companies so that a person is assured of assistance should the need arise. They market these legal service plans through a multi-level platform. Also, the services are available to consumers in a plan that allows them to draw their cover charges in the form of monthly deductions on pay.

With its headquarters in Oklahoma, Legalshield has its subsidiaries spread across various states in the United States. With links to several reputable law firms across the country, the company gives timely responses to requests of legal assistance from members. The nearest legal firm to you will represent you and give you advise without necessarily demanding an upfront fee. Since the client has paid in advance, the expert that takes up his case is sure to treat him with the respect and understanding that everyone wishes for in an attorney.

With even less than $20 every month, you have access to expert legal services. Should the need arise for these, a simple call is enough to enlighten you on all the channels to follow. Legalshield can therefore really help in a dire situation. Depending on the legal plan you have settled for, you are sure to get the best in assistance on legal issues.

Legalshield handles a number of areas. Family, real estate, finance and traffic issues are some of the problems you can get help with. The best part is that the company is available to come to your assistance whatever time it is. They appreciate the nature of some legal matters to spring up at any time and therefore have an emergency plan.

If you have ever heard a problem with identity theft, then you ought to consider a Legalshield plan. This entity guards its members from crimes such as these that may ruin a reputation. Knowing what Legalshield is as well as the ways in which it can help you out is important. You will realise too that your business can be protected with their convenient business plan.

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Why Start A LegalShield Business

I am sure many of you have heard the name LegalShield. If not, you’ve probably heard of Pre-Paid Legal. Well Pre-Paid Legal is now LegalShield. New plans, new branding, new personality, pretty much a New Business. Some may call LegalShield a Multi-Level-Marketing or MLM company. On one hand it is for the principles of building your own team and working as an agency, on the other hand, that’s not necessary to progress and make money with the company.

What is LegalShield

LegalShield is a company that allows individuals, companies, agencies, etc to have direct access to an attorney. That direct access does come with a cost anywhere between $17 and $26. The attorneys are there to assist you in a number of ways. Document review, on call legal advice, IRS audits, Traffic Related issues, and more. You’re most likely covered in every area of the law since the attorneys do not just practice one area of law but there are specialty attorneys for all cases and situations. Even if you do not need an attorney right away, you can have your Living Will drafted and get general information about any topic.

The Business

Working as a LegalShield associate can have its ups and down. It’s quick and easy to get started and you can make lots of money right off the bat. A challenging part is keeping the momentum going. You will notice with most MLM companies, they have you make a list, call everyone you know, recruit, and sell. With LegalShield, it can be that way but it does not have to.

Here’s why:
1. No need to recruit. Associates make no money from recruiting. You can place 100 people in your business and not make a cent off of them.

2. No need to buy products or keep inventory. You will notice with many MLM companies, you are required to keep a stock of product for when someone wants it. With LegalShield that’s not the case. The company sends you marketing material and keeps sending it to you.

3. No need to convince someone to buy this from you. It’s a service everyone should have therefore it sells itself.

The Compensation

Hands down, the best compensation plan I have seen. It reminds me of an insurance agency or a real estate brokerage. You get paid upfront when you sell a plan. Imagine getting $180 when you sell a $26 plan. There’s no quotas to meet. Once you advance, you do not fall off. You stay in your position and you can only go higher. If you decide to take the route and build your own agency, the money gets even better. Then you have help. The company also throws in lots of bonuses and incentives to get you motivated.

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Assistive Technology An Independent Life For Everyone

Not depending on others is very important for every human being. As technology progresses everyday and the development includes specially designed devices and equipment, everyone can now enjoy an independent life style. Even people with disabilities can have a better life, avoiding frustration or incapacity to communicate. Assistive technology is for a great help for those who need to feel secure when they are by themselves, even if they have certain disabilities. Our assistive technology products meet their needs and offer an alternative for a better life. Communication for example, is one of the biggest problems for people with disabilities, but our assistive technology products make it easier. Even if your problem is about hearing, seeing or moving around, the solutions we offer can solve any type of problem related to physical challenges.

We also offer you a great variety of products as furniture, software, workstations or switches, specially created for an independent living. You can enjoy assistive technology products in your own house and anywhere you go, avoiding frustrations and difficulties you were exposed to before. Assistive technology is even for people who suffer from Parkinson, Lou Getring’s Disease aka Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, or Multiple Sclerosis. All the products we recommend are easy to use, the technology being adapted to every special need. Now, deaf-blind people will be able to communicate between themselves or with other people because assistive technology makes it possible.

If you want to make your children’s life easier, now you can do it with the help of special communication software or CDs that contains all kinds of information about social activities. Eating out, shopping, transportation are some of the social activities children need to learn about before they go out. This and some other assistive technology products can help your children have a better, independent life, even if they have some disabilities. It’s important to mention that these teaching products are not only for children, but also for people who have found themselves, all of a sudden, in the undesirable situation of an accident that has affected their health.

Our furniture is designed for people who need better access in the kitchen, bathroom or in the bedroom and for those who need special workstations in their homes or offices. You don’t have to feel uncomfortable at your desk anymore, because now you have the perfect solution, easily accessible through an online order.

In one word, assistive technology is for those who want to raise the standard of living, for those who need to increase the quality of life because an independent living is now possible through technology. This is why our products come to meet your special needs, helping you achieve what you want.

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An Information Technology Degree And An Open Door

Of all the most sought-after degree programs there are, the information technology degree is the one that is currently in the hotseat. Information technology is a branch of engineering that basically has to do with utilizing computers and their software to exchange, process and save information. Because there are different types of technology available, there are several different types of IT professionals.

The word technology is widespread now and covers a vast array of different applications; and it would seem that those applications are almost limitless. From working on computers as a systems analyst to selling computer systems based on a strong foundation of knowledge, getting a degree in information technology can be just the thing to not only push a career forward but give a person just that much more of an edge over their competition.

An assortment of specialized areas in information technology allows for the everchanging and evergrowing needs in the field to be met without alteration. A qualified individual in any one of the IT areas will be able to provide a company with a level of optimum productivity; especially when the learned skills are mixed with the basic fundamentals of business and their applications. It is no secret that employers tend to look for prospective employees who can provide a strong foundation in order to keep operations smooth.

Project management theory, computer programming, database and network systems are only just a few of the lessons that apply to getting an information technology degree. Hands-on training is great for building confidence and provides a level of comfort when entering a professional work environment. Professional certifications and dual degree programs can not only upgrade IT degrees, they can boost resumes and help to achieve the earning power that one has been looking for. A fully certified IT professional with a degree can expect to make $45,000 per year and up.

As this is one of the fastest growing fields around (and it looks to stay that way), there is always a need for those skilled in information technology. One would be hard pressed to find any area of everyday life where computers aren’t already in use; and that is why the demand is and will always be what it is. An added plus is that with the use of computers being so widespread, there is hardly any place on the map a person can go that doesn’t need workers with an IT degree.

With computers and technology, the learning is never done. As the demand continues to grow and change, so will the technology that complements our every day life. The person seeking a degree in information technology must be truly interested in computers and have a thirst for knowledge. There must be willingness and an aptitude for learning something new as software and technology upgrades itself at an amazing rate. The IT professional is a person who is alert and able to keep up; and better yet, is one step ahead of the game at every turn.

The person who has taken the time to earn his or her information technology degree will have opened the door to a career path that is wide and all encompassing. While one path in information technology may be right, that path can often lead to others; and the more skills behind a person the more well rounded and better off they’ll be in their career. Information technology has come a long way and will continue on for many years to come. It is definitely one of those professions that will have the opportunity to see what tomorrow brings, today.

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