Why Start A LegalShield Business

I am sure many of you have heard the name LegalShield. If not, you’ve probably heard of Pre-Paid Legal. Well Pre-Paid Legal is now LegalShield. New plans, new branding, new personality, pretty much a New Business. Some may call LegalShield a Multi-Level-Marketing or MLM company. On one hand it is for the principles of building your own team and working as an agency, on the other hand, that’s not necessary to progress and make money with the company.

What is LegalShield

LegalShield is a company that allows individuals, companies, agencies, etc to have direct access to an attorney. That direct access does come with a cost anywhere between $17 and $26. The attorneys are there to assist you in a number of ways. Document review, on call legal advice, IRS audits, Traffic Related issues, and more. You’re most likely covered in every area of the law since the attorneys do not just practice one area of law but there are specialty attorneys for all cases and situations. Even if you do not need an attorney right away, you can have your Living Will drafted and get general information about any topic.

The Business

Working as a LegalShield associate can have its ups and down. It’s quick and easy to get started and you can make lots of money right off the bat. A challenging part is keeping the momentum going. You will notice with most MLM companies, they have you make a list, call everyone you know, recruit, and sell. With LegalShield, it can be that way but it does not have to.

Here’s why:
1. No need to recruit. Associates make no money from recruiting. You can place 100 people in your business and not make a cent off of them.

2. No need to buy products or keep inventory. You will notice with many MLM companies, you are required to keep a stock of product for when someone wants it. With LegalShield that’s not the case. The company sends you marketing material and keeps sending it to you.

3. No need to convince someone to buy this from you. It’s a service everyone should have therefore it sells itself.

The Compensation

Hands down, the best compensation plan I have seen. It reminds me of an insurance agency or a real estate brokerage. You get paid upfront when you sell a plan. Imagine getting $180 when you sell a $26 plan. There’s no quotas to meet. Once you advance, you do not fall off. You stay in your position and you can only go higher. If you decide to take the route and build your own agency, the money gets even better. Then you have help. The company also throws in lots of bonuses and incentives to get you motivated.

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